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TC-5 “Tight Control”

With this air suspension system, winding roads and country lanes have never been so fun!

Introducing the TC-5 Edition Air Suspension!

Winding roads and country lanes have never been so fun. A sleek digital interface is paired with 5-way adjustable shocks to make suspension adjustments as simple as pressing a button from your driver seat.


We developed a high performance strut which features a built-in 5-way adjustable capability for performance handling or spirited driving.

Award Winning Technology
Our revolutionary TC-5 system is the first to air suspension technology to feature automatic dampening adjustment control from your driver seat. The TC-5 system offers 6 programmable presets for dampening adjustment to suite your needs under any condition imaginable.

Feel free set a custom stiffness level to your liking and then program it to any of the 6-presets available at your fingertips. Vehicle ride-height can also be raised or lowered by 4-5inches.

TC-5 Digital Controller Functions
Airrunner TC-5 system kit contents picture

  • 6 programable preset dampening  adjustments available
  • High-quality adjustment motors featuring speed and accuracy
  • 5-way adjustable rebound force adjustment for each shock
  • Sound confirmation which can be disabled if desired
  • LCD brightness can be adjusted or disabled if desired
Kit Contents
Airrunner TC-5 system kit contents picture

  • (2) Front TC-5 Struts
  • (2) Rear TC-5 Struts
  • (1) TC-5 Sleek Digital Interface
  • (1) 2-Gauge 4-Switch Manual Paddle
  • (1) Tank (Standard or Pancake)
  • (1) VIAIR 380C Chrome  Compressor
  • (1) Pressure Switch
  • Other Contents
Make Part # Decade System Price
Lexus 3110 95-00 LS 400 (UCF20/21) $5,799.00
Lexus 3111 90-94 LS 400 (UCF10/11) $5,799.00
Lexus 3106 02+ SC 430 (UZZ40) $5,799.00
Lexus 3107 92-00 SC 400/300 (UZZ31) $5,799.00
Lexus 3105 06+ GS 430/300 (UZS190/GRS191) $5,799.00
Lexus 3104 98-05 GS300 2WD (JZS16) $5,799.00
Lexus 3112 93-97 GS 400/300 (JZS14) $5,799.00
Lexus 3108 06+ IS 350/250 2WD (GSE20/21) $5,799.00
Toyota 3120 04+ MARK X (GRX120/121) $5,799.00
Acura 3121 96-04 3.5RL (KA9)
(Note: Need to remove/relocate rear speaker)
Chrysler 05+ 300/300C (SRT-8) RWD $5,298.00
Dodge 08+ CHALLENGER RWD $5,298.00
Mercedes 03+ E320/350 W211 (Except Sport Package & 4WD) $5,298.00