Installation & Maintenance Services

Installation & Maintenance Services

Quality work done with Japanese pride

We provide air suspension parts sales, installation and repair services for people who are looking for safe and reliable air suspension for everyday use.

For long years we provided excellent installation (no mickey mouse jobs) with countless overly satisfied customers.

We have had many requests to provide quality jobs and here at ACC, we stand by our reputation for quality work with consistency and accuracy.

We also offer suspension related parts and Electric parts for people who is looking for better quality parts to step up their vehicle modification level.

Trunk Lid Bottom-Up Work (TOYOTA Prius)

Custom Made Lower Bracket (One-Off Work)

OEM Suspension Upper Reinforcement (Repair Work)

One-Off Air Suspension (One-Off Work)

Before & After (Maintenance Work)

Before & After (Maintenance Work)

Before & After (Maintenance Work)

Custom Trunk Set Up (Custom Trunk Work)

WirelessOne On-Board Compressor System (Trailer Air Suspension Work)

Helper Air Spring Installation (Helper Air Work)

OEM Air Suspesnion Conversion kit (OEM Air Suspension Work)

Wheelchair (Disable Vehicle Work)

Air Suspension Installation (Audi A3)

Coilover Installation (Other Suspension Work)

Beat-Sonic Front Camera & Smartphone Mirroring (Other Installation)

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