On the Ground “OG”

Experience the “sweet spot” at any ride height of your liking!

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Introducing the On the Ground Edition Air Suspension!

ACC’s hybrid technology fuses coilover and air bag technology into one sleek package. The On the Ground system allows you to obtain the optimum performance and ride comfort for your vehicle. The damper “sweet spot” is obtained by adjusting the locking collars and positioning the shock piston in into its optimum position.

The Theory

Airrunner OTG sweet spot picture
The theory of “On the Ground” is to allow the user to precisely tune the ride height and the bag pressure to suit their driving preference. By keeping the bag pressure at a given pressure rating, you can maintain the associated spring rate. From there, you can adjust your ride height by using the threaded collars (maximum adjustment is 50mm). By maintaining the shock/strut height, it will be in it’s optimum working position known as the “sweet spot.”


Airrunner OTG height adjustment picture
The suspension can be adjusted with precision through the use of the locking collars which allows you to “fine tune” the ride to your liking. Our “Maximum Drop” technology allows the lowest possible vehicle height.

On the Ground Features

  • Engineered to be installed in a bolt-on fashion.
  • Basic ride height adjustment range of 4-5″ and an additional 2″ (50mm) threaded collar adjustment.
  • The damper “sweet spot” is obtained by adjusting the locking collars.
  • 4-dial adjustment is equipped on all On the Ground applications.

System Features

  • Engineered to be installed in a bolt-on fashion.
  • 4-wheel independent switches allow the suspension to be fine-turned to your performance needs especially while cornering when roll generated by air flow can resistant.
  • The stainless steel braided leader hose has excellent flexibility and comes with a buit-in check valve to prevent back flow to the air tank.
  • A schrader inflation valve allows for a quick fill up of your air tank during an emergency situation.
  • Our 380C Viair compressors have excellent durability for long-term service.
  • Choose from a 4-gallon stainless steel tank or 4-gallon pancake tank.
  • Pressure switches are pre selected for each of our applications.
  • Unique “W-Lock” fittings squeeze the air line from both the inside and outside to prevent air leaks.
  • Each kit includes 100ft D.O.T. approved 1/4″ air line and other meticulously selected components.
  • Operation manuals and installation manuals are both included for each of our applications.
  • One year limited warranty.

Kit Contents


  • (2) Front OG Struts
  • (2) Rear OG Struts
  • (1) 2-Gauge 4-Switch Manual Paddle
  • (1) Tank (Standard or Pancake)
  • (1) 380C VIAIR Chrome Compressor
  • (1) Pressure Switch
  • Other Contents



Lexus#313306- LS460 (USF40)$6,999
Lexus#313401-06 LS430 (UCF30)$6,999
Lexus#313594-00 LS UCF20$6,999
Lexus#313689-94 LS UCF10$6,999
Lexus#313705- GS (19)$6,999
Lexus#313898-05 GS16 (JZS16)$6,999
Lexus#313991-97 GS (14)$6,999
Lexus#314005-10 SC430 (UZZ40)$6,999
Lexus#314191-01 SC400 (30)$6,999
Lexus#314206-12 IS350 (20)$6,999
Lexus#334009-UP IS350C/250C 2WD (GSE20/21)$6,999
Toyota#314304- Majesta (18)$6,999
Toyota#314499-04 Majesta (17)$6,999
Toyota#314595-99 Majesta (15)$6,999
Toyota#314691-95 Majesta (14)$6,999
Toyota#314708-12 Crown (200)$6,999
Toyota#314803-08 Crown (18)$6,999
Toyota#314999-03 Crown (17)$6,999
Toyota#315004-09 Mark X (GRX120) 2WD$6,999
Toyota#315100-04 Mark II 2W (110)$6,999
Toyota#331015-UP Alphard Vellfire (30W)$5,899
Toyota#315208-14 Alphard Vellfire (GGH ANH 20)$5,899
Toyota#315302-07 Alphard (MNH ANH 10.15 ATH10)$5,899
Toyota#3154Estima (50)$5,899
Toyota#3155Estima (30)$5,899
NISSAN#3156Q45/Cima (F50)$7,399
NISSAN#3157Q45/Cima (Y33)$7,399
Chrysler#315905-10 300C (LX57//61)$6,450
Chrysler#316005-08 Magnum RWD$6,450
Chrysler#316108-10 Challenger RWD$6,450
Chrysler#316206-10 Charger RWD$6,450

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