We went to the Slammed Society x Formula Drift event last weekend held in Long Beach.
There were many nice rides from VIP cars to Classic Japanese cars at the Slammed Society show Case.
We had great weekend to watch the exciting drifting, slammed cars, delicious  hot dog and great lookin’ girls:)

Oscar’s Infiniti Q45, Always looking good!

Hellaflush x Air Runner Collaboration Infiniti Q45 F50

Slammed Society Show Case in Long Beach!

Auto Fashion USA brought many VIP vehicles from San Diego

Auto Fashion crew is in the shade of Coca-cola umbrella 😛

I love Japan Jason’s Acura TL
Tsura soto!

hellaflush x airrunner sticker
Big Steve’s Lexus LS400

Hooters Girls in the house:)

Toyota girls in the house! don’t forget TOYOTA Grand Prix on April 15-17!

Thank you all for your thoughtful support to Japan!

Hope for JAPAN!!!


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