Riding Experience Vol. 4 

Sunday Sep 29, 2019

The Red Brick Warehouse Side Square (Tenpozan, Osaka, Japan)

With the heavens on the side, the 4th ACC Riding Experience was great turn out.

Sep 29th, 2019

Thank you for joining the 4th Annual ACC Riding Experience & Photo/Video session!

What is this year! Rushed to apply for test drive and shooting vehicles, and was able to finish it safely with great response.

I was worried about whether it could be held with a 90% rain forecast until the day before the event.

But on the day of the event, the weather was so good that I couldn’t imagine the end of September.

A total of 40 vehicles gathered this year! I’m looking forward to watch the upcoming ACCtv  & photo!

After all, 30 Alphard/Vellfire was the largest number! Every vehicle has it’s personality in modification, so the individual presence is amazing as hell!

Transform into an official air runner vehicle with Air Runner Decal! It’s a balanced design that stands out casually!

20/10 Al/Vel are alive and well! Luxurious line up!

It’s a combination of Hustler, RAV4, Succeed, and different style, but it’s somehow balanced lol

ACC Air Runner has a lineup of more than 300 cars and makes one-off productions as well. There are a few quite rare vehicles in this event. There is hard parked Toyota Succeed.

The Style Wagon Magazine team is also attending ACC riding experience! We look forward to the next issue of the event feature article!

Here’s Honda StepWagon and Nissan Serena line up!

Thank you for participating in the sedan / US stance! The sedan slammed look is a masterpiece!

#VANKULTURE US Sienna is also a good color combination and slammed hard!

Explaining the 3P system before the test ride. Everyone seems curious about the 3P because of the great features such as smartphone control and preset height memory function!

Explaining the 30 Al/Vel L-shaped board that fits perfectly in the storage space with the tank and compressor air management system. The Riding Experience that you can see, hear and test ride is the best place to find more info on Air suspension!

You can get to know more about ACC’s air suspension by actually riding a vehicle equipped with air suspension. Participants are surprised at the stable ride. Let’s experience handmade in Japan AirRunner air suspension!

It seems to be useful for the first meeting with friends who only knew in Instagram and for the information exchange of the owners!

The booth is filled with air suspension exhibits and lottery prizes! People who are interested in OG struts and kids aiming for prizes are also enjoying the venue!

There are many awesome prizes this year! The bubble head of the Angels Otani!

There is also a Summer ’s End car meet limited T-shirt held together with Purelex at ACC USA!

A boy staring at the wheel of a lowered Prius from Kyoei Japan. It seems to be worried about the offset. hahaha

Here’s a Kyoei Japan’s slammed Prius! Simple and sporty feeling is the best!

Kyoei JIN Tacos is a long line! This is the only place where you can enjoy authentic Mexican tacos once a year! Lol

In addition to paintings, they also do clothes and animated car illustrations!

If you are interested, please contact the illustration shop!

ACC’s new demo car RAV4 LIFTUP version! It is off-road use and be used for city riding and camping! Equipped with GIRD, 20-inch bronze wheels and wrapped grille and roof makes this vehicle cool and wild!

The test-drive and the photo session will be complete, and everyone will be waiting for a raffle!

People gathered one after another at the venue!

A boy’s fist in the air, did you win something special? !

Everyone is so happy to be selected!

Participants from all over Hong Kong were also delighted to win!

The game of Rock-Scissors – Paper tournament was also exciting! (Should there be age restrictions in the this tournament? Lol)

Congratulations! A boy who overcame a strong man in the tournament and wonthe prize of Otani Bubble Head!

Finally, everyone took a group photo! Thanks to all the participants!

We will make it a even better next year, so we are looking forward to your participation!

AirRunner the BEST!!

ACC USA, Co. / AirRunner



Insta: @airrunner_systems