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We had the very first Riding Experience event this past weekend at Air Runner in Anaheim.
Fortunately, weather was nice and clear despite the forecast where it rained before and right after


We are so glad that we did this event to the public who are interested in air suspension but don’t know where to start.

We always want to give people opportunity to take a ride with Air Runner equipped vehicles who want
to learn and feel the ride quality.

We have noticed that it is very difficult to get more knowledge without actually taking a ride and share time with the car while in motion on public roads, freeways, S-shape turns etc.

Things you always wondered in air suspension such as “what’s the noise coming from the trunk? Or “what does hitting switches do while driving?” were able to be answered in our riding event.

Our participations had great opportunities to communicate with actual owners of air runner equipped vehicles. Hope our participants learned and enjoyed from our Riding experience event!

Kevin gave Asad and Sidra an opportunity to ride in his GS F-Sport.

Asad said “excellent” on his first time with air runner equipped vehicle!
“It felt like riding on coilovers, but a lot more refined.”

Sidra felt the experience as “smooth ride for a car on medium stiff”
Both also told us that “ I actually think I will be considering installing air suspension on my car. The experience was great.”

Jared liked the ride quality on our RCF and LS460.

Cesar with Kyoei USA gave him a ride and provided feedback about airrunner On the Ground ride on his LS460.

Since he is based out of Arizona and drove out to here, he must have smooth air runner On the Ground
suspension for his ride.


Ricky Morales rode on James’s RCF and he said “Excellent, It felt good on corners was good too!”

This VIP inspired Sienna took home 1st place best VIP at Offset kings last Oct at Irwindale speedway.

Maui gave Gig a ride on his Toyota Sienna.
Gig said its better ride quality than others he been on!

2014 Dodge Challenger owner came to our event and rode on James’s RCF.

He expected a bumpy and stiff ride but he actually riding on RCF, he gave it “excellent on ride quality”.

Really glad we were able to help everyone see our products first hand!!

An another Challenger owner Tommy took a ride on the GS F-Sport and he mentioned that it is super smooth!

Middle of our Riding experience event, Brian with LS460L showed up and showed off his HKS GT Super Charged engine to the participants.

Once he opened the hood, everyone swarmed over the car to take a glimpse.

Cesar and Brian chatting inside the Super Charged VIP LS.

Might be some secret thing between them!! lol we can see it from their lovely smile! Hahaha

Darwin and his friend took a ride on the LS460, we didn’t have time to talk much, but seemed like they
had a great time too!

Always awesome looking at Cesar’s On the Ground suspension equipped LS460. Carlos brought his widebodied FRS. Looking good!

Trying to follow James’s RCF, but with his aggressive driving style, we couldn’t catch up. Lol

Speed racer hahaha. Refreshments served! Hot coffee and car talk is always nice! What a great afternoon!

It was only a 2hour event, but everyone seemed happy and learned many things about air suspension.

Thanks to the participants and drivers who came out to support our successful event!!

See you all at the next Riding experience event!

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UPDATE: We are having Ride Experience event in Hawaii on Jan 22nd, 2017.

If you have any questions about this event, feel free to contact us at 1(714)978-2446 or info@airrunnersystem.com