All the way down LS500 AWD F-Sport with an AirRunner air suspension
We built a custom air management set up with 3P air management system. Came out nice!
This set up is for LS500 F-sport 2WD we did right before this LS500 AWD.
Behind: LS500 F sport 2WD / Front: LS500 F-Sport AWD
This AWD LS500 has nice sporty look seats!
This is the AWD Front strut for LS500, we had to use shorter damper for the front set up.
The Rear suspension on the AWD is almost same as the one on the 2WD LS500
Hard parked LS500 2WD and AWD

The LS500 2WD and AWD air runner basic complete kit is $5,399 (Struts only kit would be $4,799)

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