We have received some great photos of our customer’s ride and message from Kitkurn Kunaset who has just moved back to his hometown, Thailand. He owns 2005 Honda Accord Euro (USA: Acura TSX) since 2006 and he is about getting
NCP31 Scion xB  Air Runner system on his ride in Thailand. Thanks Kit for using Air Runner system for your rides!
Keep up good work!

March 07, 2011/ Kit wrote:
(Thank you very very much.
I have attached some of the pics of my other car which is still in Melbourne, Australia, it’s Honda Accord Euro ’05
(Acura TSX). It has Air Runner installed since ’06. I heart Air Runner…. Much Appreciated!)

Part#2964 04-UP Acura TSX 2WD (CL7/9) Air Runner System
For more info: https://www.airrunnersystems.com/air-suspension/acura