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Three Exclusive Series

Symbol of luxury, the brand concept of the High-Spec line. This is the most sought after brand of the Artisan Spirits DNA. Clean and simple designs retain the form of the factory vehicle without affecting performance. This high quality line perfects elegance.

*LEXUS LS400 (UCF30) received prizes in the sedan category at the Tokyo Auto Gallery Custom Car Contest in 2004
*LEXUS GS430/350 (JZS16) received the 2nd place prize of the sedan category at the Tokyo Auto Gallery Custom Car Contest in 2004

Dynamic impressive, the brand concept of the Sport-Spec line. The Sports-Spec line was developed with the ideals of beautiful driving appearance and Artisan Spirits activity performance. Sports-spec is best suited for the enthusiast seeking sporty and active design their vehicle.

*Toyota Vitz/Yaris received prizes in the Compact car category at Tokyo Auto Gallery Custom Car Contest in 2005

Universal balance and auto fashion, the AS-Select line pursues performance. Artisan Spirits developed the AS-Select line with the emphasis of sharp design with budget friendliness. This line is well suited for anyone who loves to modify and improve vehicle design.

Car Application Line Up

  • Lexus
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Honda
  • Mercedes-Benz
Artisan Spirits Lexus


Company Name: AIM

Brand Name: Artisan Spirits

Year Established: 2000

Company City & Country: Saitama, Japan


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