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Learn more about what makes our air suspension systems that are made in Japan unique.

Air Runner System

Our customers are those who know exactly what they want from an air suspension system.

Exclusively Engineered Applications (1/5)

Many people want to lower their vehicles without sacrificing stock components just in case they want to use them at a later time. Using the Air Runner system, there is no major modifications made to the chassis. This not only makes installation a breeze but also allows you to easily return your vehicle back to stock condition.

All of our air suspension systems are built to suit each application.

Not the Typical "Cadillac Style" Air Ride (2/5)

While driving, you need to be confident that your vehicle is steady. Our customers seek quick response when going around corners while not alerting passengers that there is an air suspension system.Air Runner systems far exceed the stereotypical air ride qualities found in other systems.

Protect Precious Items from Scraping (3/5)

Has your front bumper ever been damaged because your car is too low? Or do you want to protect your new titanium exhaust by making sure the tips don't get scraped and shaved? One of the great advantages of our air suspension systems is the ability for you to quickly adjust ride height at a moment's notice.

To protect your precious vehicle, it's as simple as pressing a switch.

Demand Fine Driving Comfort, not Hopping (4/5)

If you want to use our air suspension system as a toy so you can hop your car or do 3-wheel action, we're sorry but we can't make your dreams come true. If you want to hop or do 3-wheel action, you may need to reinforce your vehicle to handle the unusual conditions. Our systems are built for comfort riding as well as extremely low appearances when parked.

No sweat or hassle with adjusting ride height! How simple is that? (5/5)

It requires a lot work to adjust ride height with typcal coilover systems.

Who wants to remove tires, jack up the suspension with sweat on your face, and get your clothes dirty everytime you want to lower your car?

With our Air Runner system, ride height adjustments are as simple as pressing a button, saving you hours of time!


Air Bag (1/4)

We work with Firestone (which has has 100 years of experience), and Bridgestone (which has 80 years of experience) to build the best air suspension systems in the world.

The air suspension we produce can be roughly divided into 2 groups. One is the group of Firestone ACC OEM bellows bags, The 2-ply structured bags have excellent durability and are fitted mainly to MacPherson strut type vehicles. The other is the group of Bridgestone sleeve airbags with the similar structural design as that of LEXUS air suspension and ensures the highest possible riding quality. The sleeve bags are rebuildable and the air bags easily replaced, and are suitable for long-term service.

Our system has a basic ride height adjustment of 4-5 inches of travel.

Shock Absorber (2/4)

Collaborating with the world's biggest companies for air bags and shock absorbers allows us to deliver exceptional products.

To attain the highest possible riding quality for each type of vehicle, KYB dampers are used in the Air Runner suspension and suitable damping valves for each type are carefully determined after all the applications have been verified with test runs. In addition, a 4 level adjustment damping mechanism allows for more precise suspension adjustment and is incorporated in some types of vehicle.

We also use other leading brand shock absorbers in order for us to build the best air suspension systems available.

Separate Height Adjustment (3/4)

For a comfortable and reliable driving experience when going around corners, we offer true adjustability.

All of our systems provide separate height adjustment at all four corners, which improves handling and overall performance by reducing body roll. Using our systems, you will not notice that your vehicle has air suspension!

ACC W-Lock Fittings (4/4)

Once our air lines are tightened, they will not become loose.

When vehicle height is changing, the air lines also move and it is necessary to ensure air lines stay in place. We use a new fitting called a "W-Lock fitting" which squeezes the air line from both inside and outside in order to prevent air leaks even when vehicle height is adjusted.

Type of Struts

Sleeves (1/2)

Bellows (2/2)


Our basic Air Runner system is our most simple yet best air suspension kit. Utilizing only 4 switches for each corner for height adjustment, ride height can be adjusted by simply pressing the manual switches. The system automatically gets air from the storage tank and refills itself when necessary with more compressed air. Tank fill time is approximately 2-3 minutes between pressure switch ranges.

Below is a diagram of the basic Air Runner system plumbing diagram.



We offer 4 different series of air suspension systems which each have unique features. Please review all of our series and find the one that best suits your needs. Our main Air Runner series covers the most vehicle applications.

Air Runner (1/4)

Our flagship lineup features the highest quality air suspension system ever created. To ensure the best possible ride quality, each application is paired with KYB shocks and Bridgestone or Firestone OEM air bags. With this system, you can expect a sporty yet comfortable ride. Our sleeved air bag systems feature a similar structural designs that can be found on OEM Lexus air suspensions.

With over 200 applications available, you will not be disappointed!

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On The Ground (2/4)

ACC's hybrid technology fuses coilover and air bag technology into one sleek package. The system allows users to precisely tune the ride height and the bag pressure to suit their driving needs.

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TC-5 (3/4)

The TC-5 system, a winner of the 2008 SEMA Media Award, is the industry's first air suspension system that is equipped with electrically adjustable 5-way shocks. Ride height and dampening force adjustments are as simple as pressing a button from your driver seat!

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Decade "Sakigake" Edition (4/4)

As a 10 year industry leader of integrated air suspension systems, we felt it necessary to introduce a new, cost effective and quality air suspension system. If you are looking for a new air suspension system for your Lexus that will give you the quality you are looking for without a large bill, this is the system for you!

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Optional Parts

Digital Gauge (1/7)

Our basic kit comes with 2 dial gauges with 2 needles on each gauge and no pressure gauge for the air tank. If you want to check the pressures with digital numbers, this is a great upgrade for you because it displays air bag pressure as well as tank pressure.

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Billet Switch Pannel (2/7)

If you want installed switches to look more professional, install our billet switch panel. Installation is easy and with the final outcome, no one will know that your car didn't come like that from the factory.

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Additional Compressor Kit (3/7)

If you are planning to show off your system or frequently raise and lower your suspension, an additional compressor will suit your demand by cutting air refill times in half. Be sure to order your second compressor when you purchase your full air suspension kit for the best discount!

E-Level System (4/7)

To take your height adjustment to the next level, we offer our e-level height control system for accurate adjustments. The e-level system many features such as 3-programmable height settings, Ride Monitor Mode, and Ride-Height-On-Start, etc. This is the most accurate air ride height control unit on the market today.

Swift Valve (5/7)

The Swift Valve is the new design manual valve switch system which allows for faster adjustment of your ride height. The unit is made out of billet aluminum monoblock which allows for maximum air flow inside the valves. This is the most economical way to upgrade your height adjustment speed!

6-Channel Remote (6/7)

The 6-channel remote control offers you remote adjustment of all 4 corners. In addition, the auto balance feature will automatically adjust your height difference while raising your lowering your vehicle.

6channel offers: Fornt UP/DONW, Rear UP/DOWN and All 4 UP/DONW.
* For more fine speed adjustment, we recomment have flow control valves.

Air Voice (7/7)

The Air Voice system offers special sound effects when you press remote control switches. In addition, the Air Voice system also has storage abilities through a microSD card so you can also record and play your own voices/sounds. Note: MicroSD card is not included.