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Any Air Runner Kits and AirRunner strut kits are now $300 off!

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ImportFest Track Day Air Runner equipped RC F-Sport Sun, 18 Mar 2018 04:26:10 +0000 Vossen x Importfest presents track day

These are not just show cars! Watch the Importfest team rip up the track and drag strip at Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga with the team from Vossen! Also "the Speedhunters" did some wild drifting! Check it out! 

Here's more Import Fest RC F-Sport pics:

Air Runner Presidents Day Sale is going on now! Fri, 16 Feb 2018 17:47:50 +0000

President day weekend sale
AirRunner celebrates the Presidents Day by offering you great deals featuring discounts on all AirRunner systems and all AirRunner Strut sets. Don't miss out the special opportunity! Ends Friday February 23, 2018.


Tel: 1(714)978-2446

US-VIP LowRider Inspired LEXUS GS300 by @dtek Fri, 09 Feb 2018 02:33:14 +0000 Endless Project So-Cal member of @dtek's LowRider inspired 1999 Lexus GS300

We had a great opportunity to shoot @dtek 's awesome looking gangta Lexus GS in Long Beach couple month ago.  check out our Video / Photo coverage

Custom Built original Work Emitz Wheels 19×11, 19×12

Air Runner air suspension
K Break complete body kit
Junction Produce 3 piece spoiler
Custom Metal Fender flares
Custom made VIP tables front and rear
Various Japanese Alcohol through out vehicle
Dakota digital air gauge
custom Vip rear cabinet
Damien Abrams with Solar Eclipse Auto Performance and Tint and his friend
bird walk
LED tailights & 5zigen Fireball super mega exhaust mufflers

Damien Abrams @dtek / Endless Projects

It’s been a fun 10 years envisioning and building this car but it’s finally starting to come together and take shape with its Kandy apple red paint and spoke wheels.  It’s gangsta but still has its VIP style.  Special thanks to Air Runner, Endless Projects, K Break, Executives Garage and my kids. 

Car: 1999 Lexus Gs300



K Break complete body kit

Junction Produce grill

Junction Produce 3 piece spoiler

Junction Produce roof spoiler

Custom Metal Fender flares

House Of Kolor Kandy Apple Red Paint

LED tailights

Custom projector Headlights

Ceramic Green window tint

Toyota window visors

Toyota chrome door handles

Chrome rear trunk bar

Suspension and wheels

Air Runner air suspension

Dakota digital air gauge

custom mounted paddle switches (mounted into wood grain center council)

Custom Built original Work Emitz Wheels 19×11, 19×12

Cusco strut tower bar


Custom Red diamond stitch seats and door panels

Toyota aristo floor mats

Custom made VIP tables front and rear

custom Vip rear cabinet

Japanese Suntory Habiki bottle display

Various Japanese Alcohol through out vehicle

VIP'd out neck pads

Suede Pillars and rear deck

Suede Headliner

Custom Rolls Royce style fiber optic star headliner lighting

LED lighting through car

K break accesories

Belleza Curtains

HID lighting on headlight and double fog lights

Trunk and Audio:

Kenwood double din head unit

Kenwood headrest TVs

JL audio components and speakers (all 4 doors)

JL audio amplifiers

JL audio w7 subwoofer

custom trunk floor and wall made with suede, wood grain and matching kandy apple red paint

Optima red top Battery

Aftermarket rear view camera tv display


Injen Intake system

HKS power flow air filter

Injen Header heat shield cover

Custom kandy apple red color matched valve cover and engine covers

Custom polished radiator support cover

Custom exhaust piping

5zigen Fireball super mega exhaust mufflers

Cusco battery tie down

@migel1988 ‘s 1972 Nissan 240Z Sun, 04 Feb 2018 21:04:41 +0000 1972 Nissan 240Z This is the first ever air suspension equipped 240Z which has been built by Migel, his father and brother.

Here's picture coverage of this classic Japanese car:

He came to drop off his 240Z for the next big project after Nisan week that he won the Best old school at Nisei Week 2016!
We used the Pillow custom upper mounts to improve the ride quality
fter measurements were taken for front strut, OEM strut case were cut to the right lengths
After cutting the strut case, double check strut height by putting strut in car
We also made a special stabilizer strut bracket for the brake line since it was being pinched when turning the wheel
Once all the air suspension is set to full low position, we noticed the stabilizer bar was hitting the frame so we shortened bar to make enough clearance with the frame
Working on the rear..
Measured and cut at correct length needed
The rear was done without removing the struts from control arms.
We had more minor modification done on this vehicle to make sure everything works perfect.
We did test drive around out facility.. Rides comfortable and better handling when you going on corners.
All the way up
Ride height
All the way down
Classic historic vehicles
Rocking Air Runner decal
Nice looking especially from the lower back angle
Fairlady Z… What a beautiful car
Matching Block. Rebuilt whole internal block
Nordi Steering wheel

1972 DATSUN 240Z









From here you can see all hard restore work has been done by Migel, his father and his brother.

Day one…. Migel bought his 240Z from Crag's list really cheap
Migel's father did all of the restore welding
Migel's S30 Beautiful DTLA background

Ideas to completion:

I have always been a car enthusiast since I was a child. Both my parents drove manual transmission cars and there was always something about cars that fascinated me.

I have built a Scion FRS and was my show car that we showcase in SOCAL events such as SEMA and SPOCOM. My father has always been helping me maintain and play around with the mechanics of cars. One day I told my father I wanted to build another car as a project. He said he always wanted a Datsun 240z since he was young. So then I searched and checked around for a 240z that would be worth restoring or at least drive around in a fair condition.

I first found this car on craigslist and went straight after work to check it out if worth buying. car was complete however it didn't run nor start. Also had backed fees dating 5 years. Body looked rusty as we looked thru it with a flashlight at 8pm. there was something about it that made me want to buy this car. It even smelled like cat urine inside and showed how much it was neglected out in the yard for years. I gave a deposit and came back the next day with a U-Haul trailer and our Tacoma. 

After bringing the car home, we tried to start it but the engine didn't budge. We then came to a conclusion to take apart the whole car and restore it in our backyard. We took the car apart to its bare shell with tons of Ziploc bags containing car parts. labeling them was a crucial yet tricky task. Our roof and pillars were rusting extremely bad and had to decide whether it was better to cut the roof off and weld on another off a donor or stop the project. Lucky we found donors via craigslist. For almost 1 year, I was on craigslist looking for local sellers that was getting rid of 240z parts. The 240z originally came in an automatic however we wanted to change that to a manual so I purchased a 4 speed at first.

Little by little as I gathered parts, my father and I disassembled, cleaned, rebuilt, painted all parts from the car in search of what needs to be repaired or bought new. The engine was taken out and we sent to a local engine shop and as that happened, the body was taken to paint. During this down time, parts were purchased and inspected if they were correct for the car. Metal trims were cleaned and some were even hand polished to give a distinct affect.

As parts were getting ready to be put back on, the car returned from paint. Every night after work we were in the garage working on something. It was like a puzzle putting pieces together and at times stumbling through a few hurdles. Parts may not have fit perfectly, arguments on what should be done next/correct between my father and I but in the end those were solved and was on to the next steps.

Our vision for this car was to be a restoration with a slight mod that isn’t visible too much. We did not go with the fender flares since we wanted to keep the original body lines. Just the front chin spoiler and rear trunk spoiler were the two that gave this car some more character.

For the Engine we kept the matching numbers block with an e88 head and also kept the SU carbs. Webers might be something in the future but the SU when restored work great with no problems.

After the car was all put together and drove for a few months we noticed the 4 speed we swapped in was not putting up with the high freeway speeds so purchased and swapped in a 5 speed off a 280zx. Now freeway speeds are much easier to ride.

We put in new KYB shocks with Eibach springs for about a year. I always wanted to have a car with air suspension, the thought of being able to adjust the height and ride with a switch  was something that has been that I have been wanting for a build.

I approached Shin-san from Airrunner regarding an application for the 240z S30 chassis if they have or will be considering. I wanted to go with Airrunner because of quality and preciseness of their products. Not only are their products are made in Japan but their customer service and follow-ups are great.

Reliability and long lasting equipment for suspension especially air was always in my mind if I go this route. Shin was then looking to take on this project and make it into a production application so it can be available to more customers with 240z/ 260z /280z chassis. With their research and planning they were able to come up with a fully adjustable air suspension with dampening adjustability. The ride on this is as good as how the suspension was with lowering springs and the way it sits when lowered down is breathtaking. Purely one of the best modifications I have done to this car.

Its almost a year now and I have had zero issues. Also if I have questions, Mr. Shin can always help. Even my friend has issues with a non Airrunner brand he is willing to help out. Purely an astonishing company that stand behind their products and service.

Migel Armas

Contact us for more info:

Tel: (714)978-2446

PRE-ORDER NOW! 2017 Chrysler Pacifica AirRunner Debut! Mon, 08 Jan 2018 23:43:10 +0000

Pacifica Perfection
The best air suspension system for Chrysler Pacifica!
We proudly offer Air Runner air suspension for Chrysler Pacifica. We finally have developed state of art designed air suspension for Owners who don’t want to sacrifice comfortable ride to keep family happy while having road trip or everyday use.

The Pacifica air suspension set up uses a vehicle specific design.
Through our research and development, we created our very own design
where passengers can have a remarkably comfortable ride and prevent issues
such as bouncy uncomfortable. A ride the whole family can enjoy like this Pacifica.
QUALITY IN PARTS AND DESIGN keep us above the competition.

Thanks to ACC design, the travel of our air suspension is far advanced
than other brands on the market. By raising the vehicle to its raised position,
it will prevent damage to the bumper in most situations.
Steep driveways and dips?? ACC will help solve that problem!

The 2-ply structured Firestone ACC OEM bags have excellent durability for long term use. We work with Firestone (which has 100years of experience) to build the best air suspension air bag in the world.



1630 S. Sunkist St. Suite K
Anaheim, CA 92806

Tel: (714)978-2446

BLACK FRIDAY 300 SALE!! Nov 17-Nov 30, 2017 Fri, 17 Nov 2017 03:12:05 +0000 Black Friday sale is going on till Nov 30th 2017!

Any basic Air Runner Kit and AirRunner strut sets are now $300 off!

*We now sell struts only. Price for struts will be: Full air runner kit – (minus) $600

Here’s what you need to do to take advantage of this special offer!
Step 1. Pick your model (Struts only or Basic complete kit)
Step 2. Contact one of our dealers located your area. if there is no dealer in your area, contact us directly at (714)978-2447


Don’t miss out the special Black Friday offer!

Lean more about our Air suspensions!

Riding Experience x ACCtv shoot in Osaka JAPAN Wed, 18 Oct 2017 23:35:45 +0000 On October 1, 2017, ACC had a great “Riding Experience” meet in Osaka, Japan and it was definitely a success.
Everyone who participated all got a special Airrunner x VK shirt. Thanks VAN Kulture for the awesome giveaway T-shirts gift!
Thanks Kyoei Japan for serving Tacos BBQ during the event! it was so great!!

Watch the video and all you’ll see are amazing and great builds all coming from the land of the rising sun.

Stay tuned for the next Riding experience event in 2018!!







Photo Credit: ACC / @koicel7777

PureLex x AirRunner Summer’s End Photo Coverage Mon, 02 Oct 2017 15:18:14 +0000 Summer’s End PureLex x AirRunner event Photo coverage

You guys the best! See you all next year!

Photo Credit: Flinders with Alpha by K

SUMMER’S END CAR MEET Sep 23rd, 2017 Tue, 05 Sep 2017 17:13:19 +0000

Join us for the last summer meet of 2017. Quality cars. Quality builds. Mark your calendars. AirRunner & PURE Lex presents Summer’s End Car Meet.

Join us in OC at Airrunner’s shop, ACC USA (Advanced Car Culture). Open to all makes and models. Parking in the front.

Date: Saturday, Sept 23rd, 2017

Time: 4pm-7pm

Where: ACC USA, Co.

Address: 1630 S. Sunkist St. Suite K., Anaheim, CA 92806

Tag: #summersendpureair

Photo Coverage Click Here!!!