We just returned from City of Industry  AutoCon LA car show. It was the first So-cal under ground event.

We got best spot rigt next to the main entrance.  we brought the AirRunner x FiveAxis Project GS and Nick’s 2nd gen. GS to our booth! We also brought Scion DJ 2.0 xB to the main stage!!

AirRunner booth

TOYOTA brought Project GS and Scion DJ2.0 xB

We have just started to distribute Artisan Spirits body kit/ Fender kit from Japan! Artisan spirits is having booth at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon and bringing out their new body kit for IS-F!

Here’s AirRunner new square logo t-shirts!

front  design

and back, cool AirRunner cartoon logo on the back!   Get yours NOW!!!!

AutoCon underground car show main entrance

Scion DJ2.0 xB is at the main stage

air runner equipped peal white Lexus IS

This wide body TSX took first place Acura at AutoCon

AutoFashion brought Joe’s ’01 GS430 and White TSX

There were many cute models at the It’s JDM Yo!!!

Here’s more pics!! enjoy

Thank you for visiting out booth!

Here’s another coverage of the AutoCon LA: